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Robert Hamel
Senior Associate

Robert has 11 years of overall experience in audit and consulting services involving governmental audits, construction contract audits, compliance audits, regulatory audits, operational risk audits, and audits of internal control environments.

In previous roles, Robert has worked with a small New Jersey public accounting firm performing financial audits servicing governmental entities in NJ, including Townships, Boroughs, Boards of Education, and nonprofit organizations including First-Aid Squads and Fire Departments. He also has been the lead on internal controls reviews, compliance, regulatory and operational risk-based audits in the Internal Audit Department of a large foreign bank in NJ and NYC. Currently, Robert is consulting for a government agency serving as a project manager and lead on construction contract audits.

Robert’s specialties include internal controls, compliance and regulatory risk reviews, operational risk-based audits, and construction contract audits.

Some of Robert’s key accomplishments are completing his MBA while working full-time, successfully leading an internal audit department in the transition of implementing the use of a computer-based audit work paper management software system.

Robert enjoys staying fit, running, meal prepping, golf, bowling, snowboarding, Xbox live gaming, road trips and traveling in his spare time.


  • Rider University, BA, Accounting
  • Rider University, MBA


  • Secured Worker Access Consortium (SWAC) Member


  • The Institute of Internal Auditors