Forensic Audit Services


Forensic accounting services involve the application of special skills in accounting; auditing; finance; quantitative methods; certain areas of the law and research; and investigative skills to collect, analyze and evaluate evidential matter and to interpret and communicate findings. An expert’s training and experience should assist in providing enhanced high-quality advice to clients through extensive knowledge of complex financial issues. Such knowledge should include a thorough understanding of the financial and operational aspects of your business. Holmes & Company brings the following to forensic accounting:

  • Objectivity
  • Integrity
  • Due professional care
  • Commitment to quality service

Forensic accounting is a specialization that requires broad knowledge of complex financial issues. When expert forensic accounting services are needed, choose the CPA/CFF mark of excellence.  Having a firm such as Holmes & Company with individuals who hold the Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) credential that can assist you with a forensic engagement will provide additional assurance that the practitioner is experienced, knowledgeable and professional.


  • Fraud investigations
  • Forensic audits to uncover evidence
  • Consultation on legal strategies involving accounting and auditing matters
  • Partner/Shareholder disputes
  • Analysis of contracts
  • Audits of Contractor costs